Using the voice to speak on issues and subjects which I am passionate about.


2 thoughts on “About”

  1. This my friend is outstanding! You have brought me to tears,……again! I think of all the children, the adult children, innocent persons in the wrong place at the wrong time……in a second their lives have changed – forever!! Some strong enough to speak out immediately, some brave enough to come forward the first chance for an escape, some too broken, to fearful to ever break free, to broken down to remember the person they were long, long, ago…..they remain in their hell of evil and deceit and lies, slowly dying, buried alive, hiding behind a public smile, trying to cope in an abuser made prison- silent! That “much afraid” person was me. I am tryng now,…..still like a turtle, I come out, look around, taking a risk again at relationship, and the first hurt,………… I retreat safely into my shell- safe, but useless, I fear. I want to be a part of this movement, This “moment in history”, this miracle about to happen.!! Ready, set, lets go!!………and all God’s people say Amen!! ~ ❤ ~


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