SEE, FEEL, and ACT. Restore faith in humanity.

When distress, disappointment, discouragement, and failure leads you to doubt your faith and you lose trust and hope in everything and everyone. What do you do?

Many will say keep trusting, keep having faith, keep hoping but when hope is gone when you cannot see or hear from the one whom you have boasted about, when you cannot hear that still small voice, when all you see is darkness and despair. What do you do?

Many will say hold unto hope, your deliverance is just around the corner, when there is no food on the table, and behind the many smiles is only pain, when the children call out to you, and you have nothing to give them you cannot feed them, you cannot get medical care for them and their cries of pain digs in your heart and soul, when the boss says “today is your last day on the job”. What do you do?

When the bank comes knocking at your door, when your medical bills are so high that you are lost in the pile up, when your debts have you overwhelmed, when the car has just broken down and there is no way you can afford to fix it, when you have no place to stay and you are now thinking of living on the streets or in a shelter. What do you do?

When your best friend has died and you feel so alone, when you cry out to God asking why but you receive no response, when door after door is shut, when the natural storms like Sandy has taken everything from you. What do you do?

When you are all cried out, talked out, faith out, hoped out, and is questioning your faith which you stood on for years, when you are standing all alone in the midst of the storms, all alone against all the mountains, and Pastor does not even know your pain. What do you do?

When you have listened to all the stories of deliverance, when you walk the streets or take the cab wishing that someone will just walk up to you and say “Here God told me to give this to you”, when with each breath the burden seems not to lighten but only gets heavier, when bad news one after the other keeps hitting like a raging Tornado. What do you do?

What do you do?
You dig deep within for that last ounce of hope and faith and you believe in humanity, you believe that someone somewhere out there will be moved to SEE, FEEL, and ACT. How do we SEE, FEEL, and accept the ACTIONS of GOD, it is through humanity, today I encourage you to SEE, FEEL, and ACT. Someone out here is counting on you, for you may just be their last hope for survival.

Our faith is restored in God and in Humanity when humanity SEE, FEEL, and ACT, knowing that when you give you win, you heal, you restore the brokenness in humanity, you afford someone the chance to live again with purpose, faith renewed, hope restored, and knowing that even though humanity may be broken there are still ANGELS walking among men. From your girl ~ Rising from the Ashes ~ Sherna Alexander Benjamin.


One thought on “SEE, FEEL, and ACT. Restore faith in humanity.”

  1. There many families and individuals who are living in extreme poverty, you may just be able to bring a smile to their faces, put a meal in mouth, and grant hope for tomorrow. If you desire to help a family who is presently in distress because of abuse and also because of unfortunate life experiences send us a message or comment here. Let us work together to restore broken humanity with ACTION.


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