A message from the Founder for August Issue.

Many persons keep asking me to post my monthly messages which are published in the magazine on my blog and on our Facebook pages, so I am humbling responding to their request.  This was the message from the Founder for the August issue.  If you are easily offended then please do not read this post for all my monthly messages for the magazine are straight talk no cover up.  Love me or hate me I am doing what I was born and forged to do and that is to serve my Creator and Lord and to be a voice for the voiceless.

Through the fires of pain, trauma, bitterness, hate, deprivation, stolen identity, rape, murder, anger, resentment, lies, deceit, cutting down, and many building up was I forged by the hands of my maker, and refined during my healing process and today my voice will not be silent, because children are dying, women are being brutalized and sold, men are being sold and brutalized. And shall I keep silent? 

A message from the Founder

I will continue to stand for the right even if I stand alone, even if family and friends forsake me, and even if the world is against me, I will stand for the right until the day I breathe my last breath for I have no fear of death because I have found my reason for living!

Many persons have their own understanding and concept of what is right and what is wrong but I honestly believe that there should only be one consensus when it comes to domestic violence and abuse, especially child abuse.  And that consensus should be that it is WRONG!

I believe in God and I believe in his word and no way in the word of God does Jesus Christ condone child abuse, if Christians truly read the word they would realize that even Jesus himself rebuked the Apostles when they tried to hinder the children from coming to him. 

I was truly applaud when I heard a few people who claim to be Christians say that they would not attend a Symposium which dealt with abuse because God was not in it, because Christians should not take Gods precious time loaned to them to attend such things, they even went on to say that time is too short and Jesus is soon to come and Christians should not get themselves side tracked with these things, because it was prophesied that these things will happen and there is nothing we do can stop it.

 At times like these I fully agree with anyone who says they do not want anything to do with Christians because many Christians are their own worst enemy and the upholders of some of the basest, sick, dark, deluded, and criminal acts of crimes being perpetuated in this world. 

 Many profess Christians are disgracing the character of God in the earth and causing many to blaspheme the name of God because they are inept to really handle the various social issues of life and they have their heads  stuck in the sand and their buts in the air while they sing Jerusalem is my home, while they chant we are marching to Zion.

What HYPOCRISY! What total abandonment of the sacred trust which God has given to his children to uphold, the word says “Sigh and cry for the abominations done in the land but more so in the church”  I now realize why the word says “More so in the church” for many churches, synagogues and places of worship are stinking with hate, bitterness, domestic abuse, rape, human trafficking, child abuse, modern-day slavery, bullying, envy, jealously, backbiting, un-forgiveness, fornication, adultery, pornography, lust, avaricious behaviour, and all the things which the darkness of this world delights in, and what stinks before God is the fact that they come into the sanctuary and profess to lift holy hands and call the sacred name of Christ.

While they have the audacity to stand in the holy place and pass judgements on many who they are not in favour with, they have the boldness to stand in the holy place and encourage children to remain distant from parents, husbands to abuse their wives, and young people to marry every Tom, Dick, Jane, Mary, and Harry because they say “It is better to marry than to burn”  so forget about counselling and seeking parental advice and approval let us marry them because they are burning in the flesh for sexual pleasure and so they open the flood gates to all type of lascivious behaviour, divorce, misrepresentation of the sacredness of marriage, and unhappy marriages while they have the boldness to stand in the holy place and encourage their membership not to speak with those whom they think is not of God.

Today I say that such holy places are not holy and that the Devil has found delight in their worship and praise and the eyes of God are turned away as their corrupted sacrifices go up only to be penned in the book of death not the book of life and the unseen watchers are looking on with disgust.

I boldly declare and have been saying the following for years “I am not a Christian! I am a child of God, I am an obedient believer in the word” for the word Christianity has a bitter and distasteful taste in the mouths of many, when ministers can encourage their members not to attend any symposium or conference which brings education and speaks out against abuse, then I boldly declare that such ministers are in full partnership with the DEVIL and are supporters of every evil act of abuse and all those who listen to such counsel have formed allegiances with the darkness of this earth.

The time has come where every government in this earth should pass laws which mandate every minister to attend a one week course workshop twice per year, and at the end of the workshop a test should be given to see how much they understand and are willing to speak out against this evil crime of abuse which literally kills and if they fail the government have the right to revoke the license.

The time has come where every government in this earth should pass laws which mandates that three times a year  an educational workshop which deals with abuse should be conducted in churches, and every minister, lay minister, elder or any person who holds any type of office in a church should attend a course workshop once per year.

The word speaks about the ministry of reconciliation and healing but many ministers are teaching separation and destruction by their wilful actions of encouraging their members not to support the cause against domestic violence and abuse because of their own personal grievances or lack of education they encourage abuse and the killing of children, women, and men the upholder is worst than the thief, by your wilful neglect you uphold the hand of ever abuser in the world.

For this month of August and every month after I encourage you to speak to your minister, speak to your elders, speak to the men and women’s fellowship, and to speak to one brother and sister at a time let your church be a beacon in your community let it be a house of refuge to the abused and hurting, let your church be truly a house of praise and worship.

Church should NOT! Be a place to encourage abuse and hate!

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