The Michal Madison Show ~ my story ~ a journey to freedom.

Hi! I’m Michal Madison. I’m a watercolor artist & a survivor of child abuse & domestic violence. Abuse has plagued my life, from the time I entered this world & throughout my adult life! The people who were supposed to & some even promised to, love & cherish me, didn’t! It’s been a journey from surviving, just existing, to transformation & freedom.

The journey hasn’t ended! In some ways, it’s just beginning! I’m learning who I am; discovering truths that were covered in lies! Reaching into the depths of my soul & finding the strength & courage to live in freedom! Throughout my life, music & art have given me a place to express my emotions, to discover & share my voice, when words were difficult to find! Today, I’m still healing! I’m not an expert! I don’t have a degree in psychology… I’m just a fellow survivor… sharing my life & my heart with you.

Michal Madison Show


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