Farewell Whitney

Over the past few days I have been hearing and reading the thousands of comments in reference to Whitney Houston’s life and death some were great and others were really distasteful, one thing we can all agree on is that she had a voice from heaven which moved and touched hearts.

None of us are exempted from making mistakes in this life, one thing is certain and that is none of us knew the pain which she was experiencing and had to deal with she alone lived it we may have seen the results of the pain but we never saw nor experienced her pain.

Pain not expressed and dealt with can lead the best of persons to do and say things which they once hated and despised, how often do we see and listen to  many artist and for some reason many think that artist are not allowed to make mistakes many think artist are invincible and immortal.

As we are human so are they, the only separating line between us and them in many cases is the line of fame, publicity, and the monetary rewards which many have acquired by their skill and profession. They are prone to error of judgement, they have faults and failings.

Many of them are grappling with issues and problems which we can only dream of and be glad that those situations have not  entered our homes and lives.  Was Whitney a wonderful person yes she was, did she make mistakes and errors in judgement yes she did, does she deserve to be ridiculed and cut down, NO!! she does not,  no one deserves to be ridiculed and cut down whether they are alive or dead.

To the many self-righteous professed Christians who made some foolish comments about her I say to you, there is, only one judge and he is God, Elohim, Jehovah, and Creator  he alone knew her fully and he alone has the last and final say about her and her life, he alone can pronounce  well done or not.  God never placed us here to judge one another but to love despite of faults and failings.

Whitney Houston farewell,  from all those who were touched by your  beauty inside and out, your marvelous and angelic voice, by all those who knew the child within you, from all those who knew the caring person you were and from all those who loved you despite of your faults and failings, you will be greatly missed your wonderful legacy shall remain the legacy without the drugs shall remain constant for the history of your wonderful beginning and your voice can never be erased from time and from memory.


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