Many are saying “This is not an Important Cause, are you one of them?

Many are saying this is not an important cause and for all the life in me I cannot understand why, maybe after reading this diary you will change your mind about this cause and support, help and give resources to the advocates and organizations who are champions in this cause.

You may be saying this is not an important cause, you may be saying I am tired of these advocates trying to get this in the news all the time, I am tired of the campaigns which they organize and I tired of them speaking about it, there are more serious issues to speak out about than to be constantly bombarded with this one.

For those of you who are asking yourselves the question, what is this writer speaking about? I will tell you I am speaking about abuse, I am speaking about domestic violence and abuse, I am speaking about the many who are hurting, I am speaking about the many who have been killed, I am speaking about the voiceless.

As a people,  as a society we have failed to speak out about abuse, we have failed to educate our children and ourselves about abuse, we need to empower people to use their voice.

As an advocate I pledge to do something with positive with the pain which I experienced, to those who are saying this is not an important cause, Say this to the thousands of young women, children, and men who are trafficked and sold as sex slaves to work in brothels and clubs to fill the avaricious perverted appetites of thousands.

Say this to the young woman or girl being sexually abused and beaten right now, say this to the young man or boy being raped and abused right now, say this is to the wife sitting in the emergency room because of broken ribs and fractured jaw she received from a severe beating by her husband.

Say this to the man being beaten by his wife or girlfriend and the shame has him crippled, say this to the thousands of victims living in fear, isolation, shame, guilt, and having suicidal thoughts, say this to the millions who have no voice and rely on us to speak for them.

Say this to the individual being bullied right now, say this to the wife and children who has just been killed, say this to the victim who has contracted a disease because they are forced and sold to work as sex slaves.

Shall we who are free fail them, shall we by our silence stifle them to death, shall we support the perpetrator? Some may say a resounding yes to this question because they have not been touched by abuse and feel safe, others including myself will answer, it is because we are free we are duty bound to help, we are duty bound to speak out, we are duty bound to care, we are duty bound to inform, educate and help persons heal.

If we remain silent while we are free then this is the greatest crime which can be committed against our fellowmen and humanity but more so against God and ourselves. Domestic violence and abuse is belting the globe as a harbinger of doom from Africa to America, Canada to Pakistan, Europe to Asia, Australia to China, Haiti to Trinidad and Tobago.

No nation has been spared the touch of this evil from the palace halls to the peasants domain no home has been unscathed from the academically acclaimed to the uneducated abuse has entered and broken all barriers doing so without fear, segregation and respect.

Will you continue to sit idly by singing “It is well with my soul” will you continue to feel comfortable and secure saying to yourself “This cannot happen to me nor my family”.
I am here to tell you, hundreds felt this way a few hours ago presently they are living their worst nightmare and they are now saying “I never thought it could happen to me, my children or my family”.

I will say to you as Mordecai did to queen Esther with some additions of my own:
“It may be that you have been brought into the world for such a time as this”, a time when abuse is having no mercy and is relentlessly attacking innocent victims, a time when persons are dying at the hands of a narcissistic abuser, a time when it hurts to be a child. “Know of a surety that God will send help” and the victims shall be delivered but know also “that you will not escape”, the choice is yours shall you like Queen Esther rise to the occasion and help to deliver or shall you remain silent?

Can you still say that this is not an important cause?



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